SAP Data Intelligence is a comprehensive data management solution that connects, discovers, enriches, and orchestrates disjointed data assets into actionable business insights at enterprise scale. SAP Data Intelligence Cloud is a comprehensive data management solution that connects, discovers, enriches, and orchestrates disjointed data assets into actionable business insights at enterprise scale. We will share how this new technology can help you advance from data governance to delivering data intelligence to your organization. We’ll cover how you can fuel deeper insights with trusted data at the center. I hope that you’ll take a moment and join us—and in the meantime, please check out this brief promotional video as a primer to the event. It is a metadata-driven platform that makes technical data “smarter” with end-to-end views of the data and its movements combined with business meaning and usage guardrails.

Access and load data quickly to your cloud data warehouse – Snowflake, Redshift, Synapse, Databricks, BigQuery – to accelerate your analytics. If the data shows that current investments are not as effective as might have been hoped, then Data Intelligence tools can provide guidance on why not and where organizations might be better putting their money. Data intelligence is also able to provide business data with a greater insight into the progress and effectiveness of their investments. For example, businesses that partner with IT companies can develop data intelligence that is tailored to monitoring and evaluating their current investments, as well as forecast potential future investments. Data intelligence minimizes risk while maximizing the benefits drawn from data by helping businesses grow, run more efficiently and protect themselves in a number of ways.

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See how Evonik slashed system administration tasks by 50% with automated product specification processing. When you take advantage of all your data, you can uncover vital insights – whether you’re a data engineer, data steward, data scientist, or data architect. See for yourself how SAP Data Intelligence Cloud can help you get the most from your data based on your business role. This allows you to accelerate purchases and drive more revenue because customers get what they want when they need it — and they’re contacted via the method they prefer.

Data Intelligence

Automatically harvest, transform and feed metadata from a wide array of data sources, operational processes, business applications and data models into one central catalog. Then add business and governance context, and make asset information accessible and understandable via role-based, contextual views for IT, data governance teams and business users across your organization. Erwin Data Intelligence fuels enterprisedata governance, digital transformation and any effort that relies on data to drive results. Data in core applications has enormous value from your business processes to your services, products, customers, orders, materials, invoices, etc.

Privacy concerns can sometimes arise as a result of gathering. Customers or clients may not want the companies they support to be eavesdropping on their personal online habits or get information about them from social networking sites. Snowflake is a fully managed SaaS that provides a single platform for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and secure sharing and consumption of real-time/ shared data.

Steps To Data Intelligence: Part 1

We’ll feature Hyoun Park from Amalgam Insights to share how data intelligence improves AI. And most importantly, we’ll introduce you to the new Cloud Data Governance and Catalog. In each business scenario, our data scientists would recommend a machine learning model.

  • SAP Data Intelligence provides simple connectivity, metadata crawlers, and advanced data preparation capabilities.
  • Fuel data intelligence self-service and reduce reliance on technical resources.
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  • The reality is that you don’t need to be a data whiz to understand the importance of data intelligence.
  • GitLab CI service is a part of GitLab that build and test the software whenever developer pushes code to application.

Better business performance goes beyond data quality and data insights and gets into how to use that knowledge to generate value for partners and customers. Inform decisions with our unique consumer-driven data sets and insights drawn from CR’s unrivaled testing expertise. Transforming data governance programs for teams who can deliver intelligence about your data in 2022 and beyond is your challenge. Not just as a technology that supports your mission, but also as trusted advisors who can help connect you with a collective community of experts to assist you on your journey. A data driven atmosphere is crucial for the success of digital transformation.

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Life sciences Give your clinicians, payors, medical science liaisons and manufacturers trusted data to advance R&D, trials, precision medicine and new product introductions. Public sector Transform decision making for agencies with a FedRAMP authorized data intelligence platform. De-risk your move and maximize value in the cloud by driving greater data literacy, trust and transparency across your organization. Data Catalog Discover, understand and classify the data that matters to generate insights that and drive business value.

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Data Intelligence

SAP Data Intelligence Cloud allows you to leverage your business applications to become an intelligent enterprise and provides a holistic, unified way to manage, integrate, and process all of your enterprise data. To improve its ability to fight disease and help communities,Eli Lilly and Companyneeded to remove data from silos to allow more teams access to information. By using Axon Data Governance and Informatica Data Quality, Eli Lilly and Company stayed within regulatory compliance.

On a small scale, data intelligence can be as streamlined as coming up with a manual system to compare a few unique data sets. On a much larger scale, this can include digital tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence, data catalogs, data definitions, and so much more. Talend offers industry leading open source and commercial versions of a data management platform. All of these solutions are architectured and designed to prepare, transform and govern your data in a low code environment. Talend provides this through a single, unified platform for data integration, data integrity, data governance, and real-time data delivery.

Data Governance Is Key To Being Data

To get the most value out of your data, you need to understand and fill data intelligence gaps. When you do,data analyticsenable actionable insights to create better ways to interact with partners and customers. On August 4, at our first-ever Cloud Data Intelligence Summit, we’ll bring together data leaders from organizations such as Franciscan Alliance and McGraw-Hill Education to share their insights.

This hiring kit from TechRepublic Premium includes a job description, sample interview questions … There is also active metadata, which is supported by AI and ML and augmented by human intelligence. As new technologies make big data easier to use, data intelligence is emerging as the key to unlocking more business value. But more importantly, data intelligence is optimal, it’s achievable, and it’s hugely beneficial. The unique thing about data is that it’s not always easy to trace, source, or trust. Insurance Mitigate risks and optimize underwriting, claims, annuities, policy administration, and more with trustworthy data.

By registering, you agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices outlined in the Privacy Policy. To achieve data intelligence, the core mission is to make it easier for knowledge workers to find the data they need, learn from it, add to it and collaborate with it. It’s crucial to create metrics to check and ensure that the system is working while providing opportunities for changes that can be made along the way to adjust and enhance each step of the process.

Data Intelligence

It’s important for organizations to think about the technology and look towards total digital transformation within their organization; they must look at the big picture. When we say bad quality data, we’re not necessarily putting the blame on you. Because before you can get too deep into the processes, systems, and logistics of forming or adapting your own data intelligence cloud, you need to first understand what the overarching goal of data intelligence is in the first place.

Best Practices For Using Data Intelligence In Your Business

There’s a lot of buzzwords in data, but ‘data intelligence’ isn’t one of them. I’ll give you the right to rebuttal, but data intelligence is hugely important. Very simply, it’s about helping organizations make better business decisions based on their data. Please read through the revised policy carefully to ensure you are aware of how Collibra processes your personal data. A comprehensive, cloud-based platform can ensure enterprise security and scale up to meet specific standards for reliability, privacy, and compliance.


To improve internal processes, such as fraud prevention, predictive maintenance, and supply chain optimization, you need to gain business value from massive amounts of data. However, it’s difficult to transform large volumes and varieties of data coming from SAP and third-party systems. SAP Data Intelligence Cloud equips you with data integration, data innovation, and data compliance capabilities to generate business value quickly. Integrates well with other data management tools already in place and helps segregate and group data from multi-sources and domains using metadata catalogs. As the data orchestration layer of SAP Business Technology Platform, it transforms distributed data sprawls into vital data insights, supporting innovation and business growth.

All of which allowed them to build more trust and improve interaction with their citizens. Trustworthy and reliable data is essential when working with patient records — especially since protection and compliance are imperative when it comes tohealthcaredata. With predictive analytics, data scientists can understand potential future health problems for patients. Data intelligence can then help recommend healthy lifestyle choices, understand what prescriptions patients may need in the future and ensure drug companies are ready to produce the proper amounts of medicines 10 years down the line. Data intelligence now mostly relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in order to make predictions or recommendations based on collected data.

Data that is scattered across different organizational silos is difficult to access and use. Data intelligence can help businesses break down these silos and make data more accessible. Though data intelligence can help organizations achieve more than just these use cases, we believe these three are the most telling and crucial. And, of course, this isn’t a process that can happen overnight or immediately . If your enterprise or organization is like many of the modern ones today, amassed data is locked away in disparate silos, which can, unfortunately, drain resources and clog processes.

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