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SRP Home Care Partners

Home Care Partners

Director of Home Care Services: Ramona Lacy
Phone: 515-661-6452


We go beyond our four walls to ensure we meet customer expectations from the go!

We partner with our residents from start to finish by offering independent living transitions from your current home right into your new home at Scottish Rite Park. Our relocation services can be tailored to meet your needs and desires which may include some or all of the following options.


Moving Into Scottish Rite Park?


  • Helping with right size decisions regarding what
    to take with you and how to arrange furniture to meet your
    lifestyle, needs and space allotments for ease
    of living.
  • Manage your move and plan the process
    with efficient, cost-effective movers to relieve
    your stress.
  • Help with packing and unpacking and discard
    of packing materials


Already Live Here?


Downsizing and Re-organizing your home with caring compassion to help de-clutter and right size items through donations, sales, friends and family.


These are the types of services we can provide as a comprehensive package tailored to your lifestyle and budget. We first meet to assess your current conditions and provide you with an itemized plan and associated cost estimates to make your move as seamless as possible for your moving transition into Scottish Rite Park.

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