Just Ask OUR Residents - Scottish Rite Park

Just Ask OUR Residents

Dewey & Lois McMillen

"Our decision to select Scottish Rite Park as our new home was rather easy after visiting other facilities.  The first reason was, we could do our new apartment exactly as we wished and have many of the same amenities that we had in our home we were leaving.  We gained the fact that we would meet some of the friendliest people in the city of Des Moines and we can be as actively involved as we choose to be. We have access to an indoor walking track, heated pool, hot tub, fully equipped fitness center with a trainer and a fully stocked library to take advantage of!  We enjoy having a dining room that is open from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM, which we can share with our guests.  There is a completely equipped woodworking shop and always hot coffee all day long.  We have found the staff to be very friendly and accomodating; always ready to help and assist in any way they can.  There is always something going on or a friendly face to visit with....what a great place to live!" 

Bob Freed

"I should have moved here ten years ago!" 

Lloyd & Julie Von Hagen

"After 42 years of living in our home, we moved to Scottish Rite Park and we couldn't be happier!  Everything we want or need is right here. No more snow shoveling, lawn mowing, or home maintenance, plus all of the extras!  Julie enjoys the indoor walking track and fitness center. I'm on the Entertainment Committee which keeps us involved with all of our neighbors.  We are HOME!"

Fran McEvoy

This poem was written by one of our residents:



Grimy windows filter sunshine so gloom fills the room.

Cobwebs scallop ceilings and bare floors need a broom.

On prisms, curtains, counters, pictures on a wall

and on top of the refrigerator, gray dust covers all.


Beginnings breed problems, best solved when she

lies down on her sofa and takes another nap.

She would wash the windows, but she's shaky on a step.

For cleaning soil and litter, she doesn't have the pep.


It takes her breath away when she wrings out a mop.

Since failing sight and balance that September day

caused treatment for a stroke, her doctors all would say,

"You do not want another so when you get tired, stop!"



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