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Good Gift Donations To Scottish Rite Park


Scottish Rite Park


A Way to Enhance Lives


Scottish Rite Park is a respected Des Moines non-profit Retirement community offering the full range of care, from independent living, home care services, residential living, memory care and full/skilled nursing services.

It is governed by a Board of Directors, with a President/CEO and support staff employed to operate all levels of care.

Our residents live in a community with many amenities and activities with an emphasis on socialization, nutrition, fitness, learning and general well-being.

At the heart of Scottish Rite Park is compassion and responsiveness to varying needs, giving pleasure to those who call SRP home.  Most of the activities and enrichments are directed and driven by volunteer committees of residents, creating an atmosphere of well-informed and active adults.

Direct gifts to Scottish Rite Park GOOD GIFT FUNDS may be designated for a specific purpose or for the general operation of Scottish Rite Park. Gifts of this nature help all residents by supplementing fees paid by residents for the operation of the Park, which allows us to keep resident fees lower. You have the option of designating your gift to one or more of these funds.


What is the Miller Fund?

It is an endowed fund established in 2003 when Raymond Miller designated $362,000 from his trust to establish the Raymond G. and  Zoe O. Miller Fund.  Only the income earned from this trust can be used to help SRP residents who can no longer afford their care in the Health Care Center.

It is used when a resident, in the SRP Health Care Center, depletes all personal resources.  

The fund has grown considerably since it was established, but interest earnings so far have not yet diminished the deficit used for assistance with residents in the Health Care before Medicaid becomes a reality.


What is the Good Neighbors Fund?

Contributions to the Good Neighbors Fund will help current SRP residents who run out of personal financial resources.  

This includes residents in all levels of care, from Independent, Residential, Memory Care and to those in the full-service Health Care Center.  This fund provides a “bridge” between the Miller Fund interest earnings deficit and the immediate needs of SRP residents.


What is the Good Life Fund?

This fund provides amenities to enrich life at Scottish Rite Park.  In the past it has financed a portable stage system, garden improvements, dining room chairs, updated audio equipment in the dining room, wiring and theater lighting in the Penthouse.


What is the Ground Beautification Fund?

Money from this fund provides landscaping improvement and outdoor enhancements, such as care and replacement of trees and gardens, statuary, wind chimes, special lighting or attractive signage.


What is the Capital Improvements Fund?

Our physical facilities are showing their age.  Contributions to this fund will be used for such projects as upgrading entrances, replacing exterior doors, upgrade and replace infrastructure as needed. 


What are my giving options?

The Scottish Rite Park Fund Raising committe invites gifts throughout the year and offers various giving options.  Those include:

  • Creating a one-time gift or a schedule of regular contributions, billed monthly.
  • Making one or more of the funds the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.
  • Assigning various financial holdings to any or all of the funds.
  • Gift giving from a retirement account.
  • Providing a bequest through a will or trust.
  • Assigning the refund due when an individual unit is vacated. 

Once your decision has been made, please decide how you would like to assist the residents, determine the amount you would like to give, and consult with your financial advisor and your attorney for legal advice.  Scottish Rite Park would be happy to help you in any way we can to make your giving process easier for you and your loved ones.  Gifts of any kind help our residents continue to live a normal and healthy lifestyle.  Scottish Rite Park and the funds described above qualify under Section 501 C (3) of the Internal Revenue code and contributions are tax deductible to the full extent authorized by law.

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