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Raymond G. Zoe O. Miller Fund


The Raymond G. Zoe O. Miller Fund


Ways you can help Scottish Rite Park serve its residents.


Scottish Rite Park is a non-profit retirement community that provides Independent, Residential and Full Nursing services for our residents.


Scottish Rite Park's Raymond G. Zoe O. Miller fund is an area your gift may be directed to help Scottish Rite continue to meet the needs of its residents:

  • Gifts to Scottish Rite Park for the benefit of the Raymond G. Zoe O. Miller Fund must be retained and cannot be spent.  The income earned from the assets in the Miller Fund is to be used to maintain those residents in the Health Care area of Scottish Rite Park who have outlived their financial resources and do not qualify for other governmental programs such as Medicaid.  Due to today's advanced medical technology a healthier lifestyle, social support and nutritionally balanced meals, our residents are living a fuller longer life.

Gifts to any of these areas help our residents continue to live a normal and healthy life.  Please refer to the Donations page for the various options you may want to consider to give your generous donation.

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