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Scottish Rite Park ensures you the freedom of an active lifestyle in gracious surroundings. The quality, the beauty and the convenient location combine to offer a most attractive retirement setting.

The nonprofit corporation, Scottish Rite Park, Incorporated, owns and operates this modern, thirteen-story, 168 unit building. Although built in 1973, it competes with today's newer facilities. Based on cost per square foot comparisons, it is in many cases a more efficient investment.









Friday, March 27, 2020 –


Good morning Everyone;

First of all thank you very much for everything you are doing to prevent the virus from entering the building.  I am so impressed how quickly we put a plan in place and thank you to Yvonne for her fantastic guidance and leadership.  We are doing well with following the government’s guidelines.  Our Residents continue to work very hard on following the guidelines as well.  Thank you to everyone who worked and is working the screening station as this is mandatory to be screened every time you enter or return to the campus.  Thank you to the staff in the HCC for taking such great care of the Residents who cannot leave this area.  Yvonne says despite the circumstances the Residents are doing well.  And thank you to the families who are being creative showing their loved ones who live here they care and are thinking of them.

Yesterday a Resident shared with me another thought to help combat the virus.  We talk about physical distancing and for the most part we are all doing a great job.  The idea that was presented to me yesterday was physical distancing in the elevator.  What a great idea.  So in the Hill Top I am encouraging everyone to limit the maximum occupancy to 4 people.  Just another way this community is working together to beat this virus and I am confident we will win very soon!

And again I cannot thank everyone,  Residents and employees, for doing your part in keeping the virus off campus.

Enjoy the weekend and be creative with activities at home.

Daniel J. Boor



Scottish Rite Park's NEW Home Care Partners are a welcome addition to our life levels by offering in home personalized cares so you may stay independent for as long as possible. 





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Independent Living
Wellness Center

Scottish Rite Park is a modern retirement residence that offers the independence of ownership without the work and responsibilities of maintaining a house.

As an owner you furnish and decorate your apartment to fit your style and taste.


The 15,000sq.ft. fitness center boasts the latest equipment and is the focal point for not only exercising, but enjoying your morning coffee poolside. An indoor walking track gives residents a chance to exercise regardless of the season.

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