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Scottish Rite Park ensures you the freedom of an active lifestyle in gracious surroundings. The quality, the beauty and the convenient location combine to offer a most attractive retirement setting.

The nonprofit corporation, Scottish Rite Park, Incorporated, owns and operates this modern, thirteen-story, 168 unit building. Although built in 1973, it competes with today's newer facilities. Based on cost per square foot comparisons, it is in many cases a more efficient investment.






Good afternoon Residents, Family and Friends;

Many good things have happened this past week.  No new up-dates on COVID-19 and that is a great thing.  Our continued success comes from everyone doing their best to stay on campus, washing hands when leaving and returning to the apartment, practicing social distancing, groups of 10 or less, no more than 4 in the elevators and wearing a mask when leaving your apartment.  Reminder masks are available at the front desk.  And speaking of masks I will end this e-mail with a very nice note I received from a Resident who cares about everyone. 

Projects - The railings for the north ramp are currently in the fabrication stage.  When the railings are fabricated and ready for installation they will begin repairing the ramp and applying the coating.  After the ramp is repaired and the coating is applied the railings will be installed.  We are working with vendors to get all the materials here for the remodel of the MDR/PDR Main Dining Room/Private Dinning Room).  When all materials are here we will begin this project.  One project we added is the installation of a sprinkling system so the project will take a little longer than we originally planned for.  We added the sprinkling project because we will be required to have the entire building sprinkled by 2032 so each year we will be working on this.  Prior to closing the MDR/PDR for remodel we will have all the furniture in the Bistro so we can continue to provide dine-in service. 

Lobby Bistro – We continue to work with the vendors on having furniture delivered.  We hired a bar tender, Wendy Wood, and she will begin working with Katya on Monday June 1st.  We have one more meeting for approval of our liquor license.  The city council will be considering approval at their meeting on Monday June 8th and if approved we will have our license.  On Tuesday June 2nd the MDR only will be open for dine-in seating.  To-Go orders and room service will still be available.  The PDR will remain closed.  It will be limited to 26 people.  4 – 4 table tops, 4 – 2 table tops and 2 – 1 table tops will be set up.  Linens will not be used, menus will be single use and servings will be with disposable items.  We are hoping to begin having parties and events for the Residents in the MDR beginning August 1st.  We have many exciting things going on in June. 

And here is the note from a Resident –

“Thanks to all SRP Residents who care enough about friends and our employees here to wear a mask and keep our distance when we leave our apartments. 

It is working! We pray it will continue to keep us healthy if we all are willing to keep wearing our masks, washing and sanitizing our hands, keeping six feet apart from others and staying on property as much as possible.

Remember, we are a Family.  Have this for our slogan: “WE not Me, SRP!”

A Resident Who Cares.

Thank you to the Resident who shared this with me.  I couldn’t have said this any better.


Daniel J. Boo




Friday, May 1, 2020 –

Good morning Residents;

It sure feels like it has been a long time since we were allowed to enjoy the company of family, friends and visitors.  Joleen and I sure miss being with Piper.  We Face Time but that is certainly not like being with her.  We celebrated her 8th Birthday on April 1st with a drive-by wave.  Joleen sure misses participating in the exercise programs but she sure is enjoying Emily’s fantastic programs on TV.  Our employees are doing a wonderful job providing you with a safe place to live by strictly complying with the guidelines.  At the beginning of each shift they sanitize their hands, are questioned, screened by taking their temperature, washing hands, wearing face masks (appropriate PPE) and practicing social distancing.  Under the guidance of Yvonne Rosenberg, RN, CNO, our Infection Preventionist and Quality Assurance Nurse, Liz Puente, RN, is doing a fabulous job working with staff.  She is monitoring their outside work activities as well as asking a lot of questions.  She is not allowing our staff to work at another facility and this includes our Therapists.  She is also closely monitoring our Residents in the Health Care Center.  Many thanks from all of us to the Residents who live in the High Rise and have a loved one living in the Health Care Center.  I am sure it is very hard but thank you from all of us for not making visits to the Health Care Center.  The Health Care Center Residents cannot have outside visits and are allowed to enjoy the outdoors when accompanied by an employee.   I am so proud of the employees for the extremely hard work they are doing to provide a safe campus for everyone.  And please check out the Health Care Center’s Face Book page that Yvonne started.  This will certainly show you how well the employees and Residents are doing in the Health Care Center.  Thank you for sharing your many events going on. 

WOW, it sure sounds like the staff and the Health Care Residents are doing an excellent job providing High Rise Residents with a safe campus.

Now here is the employee’s and Health Care Resident’s request.  They are asking the same from the High Rise Residents.  Please provide the employees and Health Care Residents with the same courtesy by providing a safe environment to work and live.  We owe it to the employees and Health Care Residents to have a safe environment to work and live so at the end of each shift the employees can go home with confidence they are free of the virus.  Keep in mind if our employees get the virus they cannot be at work to take care of you so continue to do your best to provide a safe work environment.  I understand the weather is getting nice and we all want to enjoy the outdoors and that is great.  Once again I am strongly asking you, because I cannot demand it, to not invite family, friends or visitors to enjoy the outdoors with you.  It’s a pretty simple request.  If you have someone making a delivery to you please have them drop off the item(s) in the front foyer and help the Receptionist by requesting they leave immediately after dropping off the item(s).  The Receptionists know the procedures but they need your help with enforcing them. I cannot thank the Receptionists enough for being the Gate Keepers.    Do not stand in the lobby and visit with your family, friends or visitors.   At times it can be a very demanding job to stop visitors at the door and take the time to try and explain the guidelines.  Most visitors understand but there are a few that think the rules don’t apply to them.  And when it comes to shopping and running errands please, again, let us do your shopping and errands for you.  Do not go to the store for “A Few Items”.   The employees running errands are strictly following the guidelines and we are consolidating trips so we make as few trips as possible.  We are continuing to see less outside vendors coming in the building so thank you to everyone for trying to make these visits as few as possible.  When we do not strictly follow the guidelines it has a negative effect on 325 people – 215 Residents and 110 employees.  We’re asking that you be considerate of the other 324 people and follow the guidelines.  And if I may suggest peer pressure is tough but it certainly helps getting the message across. 

It is a very simple request – Stay home, wash your hands when you leave and enter your apartment, practice social distancing, do not leave to go shopping and do not allow visitors on campus to enjoy the outdoors with you.  I think of it this way – We are running a 10-mile marathon and we have only one more mile to go.  Let’s all make it the safest mile. 

These e-mails are very difficult for me to write however at the end of the day it is my job to provide everyone a safe environment, Residents and Staff, and it is going to take everyone to make this a success. 

And many, many THANKS to the Residents who are strictly adhering to the guidelines.  We all appreciate your consistent efforts. 

I am certainly looking forward to the time when my e-mails are not so negative and harsh and I am confident this time is coming soon.


Daniel J. Boor



Scottish Rite Park's NEW Home Care Partners are a welcome addition to our life levels by offering in home personalized cares so you may stay independent for as long as possible. 





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Scottish Rite Park is a modern retirement residence that offers the independence of ownership without the work and responsibilities of maintaining a house.

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The 15,000sq.ft. fitness center boasts the latest equipment and is the focal point for not only exercising, but enjoying your morning coffee poolside. An indoor walking track gives residents a chance to exercise regardless of the season.

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